Student Visa

Get admission In Best universities

Based on your interest and past academic records, We assist you in selecting most appropriate university.

Successfully conquer admission

We help you to meet standards to achieve admission in top most universities, including drafting SOP(s), resume and most importantly our quality education will help you score very high on standardized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and Spoken English.

Diligent paperwork

We believe that perfect paper work is most important to get visa successfully. We believe our keen insight and individualized case approach will greatly help prepare and perfect your paper work which will improve your visa success rate in many folds and save unnecessary delays in processing your admission and visa.

Save and earn money

We guide you get scholarships and help you obtain assistant ship, OPT, CPT.

Mock visa interviews

We believe that this is the last but most important step to opening your doors to overseas study. We prepare you through several mock interviews. We decide and guide you when you are ready to take real interview.

Pre departure and post landing

Our pre-departure counselling in handled by the one who has self experience in foreign education so student can make a smooth and confident trnsition. Our team will help you from pick-up to settle down there.

Save big on exchange money and Air ticket

We help you to get currency exchange and air ticket at lowest possible rate.

Parents and spouse visa

We know how important it is to stay conected with family, we will recommend and get guide you on your parents and spouse visa when time is right.

Visitor Visa

Individual case strengthening

We help you to take steps to respresent your case strongly. We do it through perfecting paper work, boosting your confidence by several mock interviews and brief personality development training.


On refused with your prevoius visa interview attempt. Don't loose hope, We are refusal specialist. We help you to find reasons why you got refused and assist in correcting them to improve your visa approval possibility. We have solved tons of refusal cases and have a more than 90% visa success rate.

Planning your trip

We help you in tour booking and making your visit easy,affordable and pleasent.


Reasult Oriented Coaching

Mock Test Training Administered Under examination Conditions

Highlt Trained and experienced faculties

Small Batch Sizes

Individual attention to each candidate

Exhaustive library and comprehensive study material

Problem solving sessions

Open Class Discussions

Debate on topics to improve critical thinking and speaking skills


  Visa Counselling.

  Visa Guidance.

  Career counselling.

  Advise on the required documentation process.

  Documentation preparation suport.

  Application filling Assistance.


  Travel arrangements, Air ticket.

  Accomodation Assistance.


  re appeal submission of rejected visas.

  Scholarship, Assistantship, OPT, CPT obtaining assistance.

  Airport pickup.

  Travel insuarance.

  Arranging courier services.