Harshadray Upadhyay

M.A. English and Teaching faculty since 1980 at Gandhinagar.

Jigar Upadhyay


Licensed physical therapist in U.S.A.

The Aashka Overseas was set up by Mr. Harshadray Upadhyay with a motive to provide the best Overseas services for the families as well as for the students who want to pursue their career in foreign country.
For the last 15 years Mr. Harshadray Upadhyay has proved himself as the best coach to the students and extraordinary guide for visitor visa.
He is expert in solving refusal visa cases. Unbelievable refusal cases has been solved by him.
He has a well trained and highly qualified coaching experts who will be with you personally from coaching to helping you get successful result of visa.

Biggest support to our Aashka Overseas is Mr. Jigar Upadhyay Mr. Jigar Upadhyay has been living in the USA over the last decade and walked through journey of being a student in USA to setting down in USA and achieving successful career.
He provides all our students career counselling, selecting correct courses and universities as well as assists in getting admission, preparing for visa interviews and post landing assistance.

Jigar Upadhyay has gone through all the challenges one can face pursuing career overseas. He works with a mission to assure all our Aashka visa counsultancy students do not face any difficulties and helps them with each and every step for smooth transition post landing.
We also have assistance who are working faithfully in USA, UK, CANADA and AUSTRALIA. They are the biggest help to the families and students who are planning to travel these countries.

Once again you are at the appropriate destination. We wish you a good luck in advance for joining with us.


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